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How to improve your productivity and make the most of your time

25th November 2016

If you had more time, what would you do with it? Complete work early? Spend more time with your family? Start a new hobby to occupy yourself? Whatever you pick, I will take a wager that your answer is not going to be “do more paperwork.” Unfortunately there will always only be 24 hours in a day, so you need to look for other ways to get more done.   Automate as much as you can ...

How to Improve Your Business Performance by Getting to Know Your Clients

21st November 2016

Realising your clients' needs is vital for any business, yet that doesn't mean it's a simple thing to do. Each of your client’s particular prerequisites will be somewhat unique, regardless of your business, so finding the best way to satisfy them all requires more than guesswork. There is no one measure that is a fits-all recipe for consumer loyalty. There are a few things you can do to get into the brain of y...

Why a Ute is the Ideal Road Trip Vehicle

20th June 2016

Australia is a huge country, with a lot of things to see. The difficulty is that its size means that everything is far from each other. Uluru is right in the middle, while the beautiful beaches of Western Australia and New South Wales are at opposite ends. Flying is an option, but the expense makes it prohibitive, plus half the fun is the journey to get there. With a ute as your transport, you can take everyt...

Why the Toyota Hilux is the Ultimate Ute

18th June 2016

The Toyota Hilux is synonymous with Ute and tradies. It has built a reputation for quality and durability, with decades of loyal service for Australians everywhere. We look at some of the things that make it such a special vehicle.   Value for money The hilux is one of the fanciest Ute available, it is designed to last for years. It isn’t unusual to spot a Hilux driving around th...

What to look for when buying a ute

16th June 2016

Buying a ute, like any major purchase, comes down to just a few main selection criteria. Sure, you can have colour preferences and you should always look to buy a vehicle with a great safety rating, but below are the three main decisions you need to make when purchasing a ute.   Price Your budget is the first major stumbling block when it comes to buying a ute. If you are just star...