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HSP Mercedes-Benz Roll R DrawHSP Mercedes-Benz Roll R Draw

The HSP Roll R Draw

Unconventional thinking and innovative engineering has made the HSP Roll R Draw the clear choice for work or play. The Roll R Draw has distinguished itself through advancement such as using lightweight aluminium extrusions, hard wearing hexa-grip flooring and interior carpeted drawers. These features have given the Roll R Draw the ability to be lighter in weight without compromising on load capacity or strength.

Lighter in Weight and Rust Proof

The HSP Roll R Draw system on average 40-60% lighter in weight than other draw systems on the market. This is due to a innovative design which utilizes aluminium construction making it strong, lightweight and rust free. The Roll R draw also uses Hexa-Grip for all panels, making the unit lighter in weight and more durable than conventional drawers.

HSP Mercedes-Benz Roll R Draw

Custom Designed to the Tub

The Roll R Draw is custom cut to your specific ute tub. This allows the unit to perfectly fit in the vehicle tub and minimizes wasted space. The unit uses a unique mounting system designed by HSP which allows an evenly dispersed weight, minimizing strain on the ute tub.

HSP Mercedes-Benz Roll R Draw

Standard Side Compartments

The Roll R draw also has built In side compartments with removable covers, adding handy extra storage space for quick access at no extra cost.

Extension and Load Capacity

The Roll R Draw is able to have up to 80% extension while there is up to 200kgs loaded per draw. The bearing system is precisely designed to majorly offset loaded weight when extending and retracting. Each draw has an internal drawer depth of 275mm giving ample space for your belongings without limiting the upper space of your tub.

Standard False Floor

All HSP Roll R Draws come standard with a custom false floors to cover the drawers, this provides a handy new base to store your items on.


The HSP Roll R draw has a built-in locking mechanism per draw, adding an extra barrier of security to protect your belongings and give peace of mind.