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The Most Comprehensive Range of Ute Tub Liners in Melbourne, Sydney, and Australia

HSP specialises in helping people across a range of industries get the most from their vehicles. Whether your drive a Hilux ute or something more exotic, we have a wide selection of tub liners to protect your tray from the rigours of your work and ensure your vehicle is protected from damage.

Slidetrays and Sportsguard liners to protect your ute’s tray

A slidetray is ideal for people who need to put in and take out large or heavy items from their ute’s tray. It minimizes lifting and ensures the driver doesn’t put his or herself at risk when dealing with heavy cargo.

The Sportsguard liner is the premium tray protection tub liner, ensuring the ute is kept free from dirt and liquids. It features gutter channels to enable easy draining, and it requires no drilling to assemble.

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