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Roll Tops for Recreational and Commercial Use

A roll top can make a great addition to your ute and provides many handy benefits. They look stunning, are easy to operate, offer great protection from the elements and provide an awesome level of security for your ute tray. It’s no wonder that investing in one is a smart decision when it comes to both recreational and commercial pursuits. Whether you are transporting camping gear for a weekend away or moving heavy tools to the worksite for that next job, you won’t be let down by a quality roll top. Read on below to find out more about how these designs can match your day to day needs and more.

Transport your adventure gear 

Throw everything in the ute tub, hit the open road and rest assured that everything will arrive at your destination in one piece – that’s the kind of confidence that you will enjoy. Electric roll tops are fantastic because they keep belongings dry from the rain and shielded from the hot sun. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a campsite to find out that your tent and extra clothing is already damp. Or that your surfboard wax has melted. The family won’t be impressed, and neither will you. So, cover your belongings with a roll top on the way down and you’ll never have to worry about those messy situations again. From entry level designs to advanced electric models that are a breeze to use, you’ll be glad to have bought a roll top when the winds change, and the rain starts pelting down from above.

Keep your holiday valuables safe

Security is vital for all ute lids, particularly if you are planning a family vacation away. Invest in a quality roll top that is made with strong material for total peace of mind. Effectiveness will vary depending on the particular design, but most modern products are built using durable yet lightweight aluminium curtains for impressive results. You’ll feel much more comfortable camping out in the bush or parking in a secluded town when there’s a roll top installed on your 4×4. Trust that your tent, fishing rods, beach gear and everything else will be there when you need them at first light. 

Ensure that your food and supplies stay secure

Pulling over to fix loose straps or twisted buckles is never a fun thing to do on a long drive. To avoid the hassle, get yourself fitted for a proper roll top and your cargo will never cause you headaches again. Top of the line designs have remote click functionality and are easy to access. You can even sync them to your 4×4’s central locking, which means more convenience and less stress during your vacation. Never worry about tie downs mid route or repositioning annoying boxes again. And even if you want to check on things? Getting to the problem is as simple as pushing a button.   

Get tools to the jobsite

Hammers, screwdrivers, shovels, saws, you name it. Get everything straight to the worksite with zero fuss when you invest in an electric roll top for your 4×4. You can even fit a wheelbarrow if you play your cards right – just keep part of the curtain raised for any protruding handles or tires and you’ll be good to go. Make loading and unloading tools even easier by investing in a quality aftermarket accessory too. Options currently available include the HSP Tail Assist, which helps to control the weight of objects through a two-way strut system. Combine this with an automatic remote and central locking functionality and you’ll never look back.

Keep your work equipment out of the weather

Hands up if you have ever left a bag of cement out in the rain and it’s created a mess for you to deal with in the morning? Or maybe you’ve forgotten about a tray load of dirt and it’s turned into a muddy mess? Whatever the issue, a quality roll top design can remove the element of risk associated with storage and transport. Cover everything with a secure cover for total peace of mind. Enjoy total confidence and trust in state-of-the-art water drainage systems that do a fantastic job of keeping your cargo perfectly dry. 

Enjoy great security

Never stress about missing tools again. That’s a guarantee that quality roll tops can give you. Whether it’s for a small residential gig or a large-scale industrial job that has to go right, you will feel a lot better knowing that your gear is safe and secure with a roll top. Remember that nothing gets done if the tools disappear, so be smart and think about an easy step that’ll keep you working for years to come. Did we mention that they also look great at the same time? A sturdy design in a matte finish will add an element of beefiness to your 4×4 and turn heads as your cruise off into the sunset. 

Roll tops for commercial and recreational pursuits

At the end of the day, a quality electric roll top will save you from a lot of problems and will make your 4×4 experience easier across the board. Quickly load and unload your ute tray with a remote for real convenience. Sync the tailgate to your vehicle central locking and you won’t need to fret ever again. Get the tools to the jobsite or the camping gear to the bush safe and sound. It’s all about safety, security and functionality. Everything that you need will be dry and protected from the weather and you’ll look great along the way. 

HSP Ute Lids sell quality 4×4 accessories that will upgrade your driving experience. To view our full range of aftermarket products, check out our website. We design and manufacture concepts that revolutionise functionality, load carrying capabilities and more. For any further information, or to chat about how our comprehensive service can match your needs, contact our friendly staff today.