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Responsible for making 100% Australian Made 4x4 Accessories

Our Products

At HSP 4×4 Accessories we believe in constantly pushing the boundaries of design and production, to create beautifully engineered products. Our products are designed to be a solution to the needs of all utility vehicle users, whether it be commercial or recreational. Many HSP products are considered a ‘world’ first in design and commercial applications. The main focus of our products are to increase a vehicles potential whilst also enhancing the visual appearance.

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The HSP Difference

At HSP we believe in constantly challenging the status quo.

We create and manufacture beautifully engineered products to give a solution to all your vehicles needs.


Australian Manufactured

HSP products are design ,sourced and manufactured in Australia.

Highly Engineered

HSP products are engineered and manufactured using the most advanced and precise technology.


With over 20 years in the automotive industry, creating multiple products, HSP has an unrivalled experience and expertise.


Keeping manufacturing in Australia allows HSP to have one of the best after sales and warranty service in the industry. Our commitment to you spans the life of the product.