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When it comes to quality, strength, durability and attention to detail, HSP speaks for itself. Our extensive range of products ensures that you get value for your money, boating well-thought out designs and unparalleled usability and accessibility.

We are proud to have more than 18 years of experience manufacturing and providing HSP products that customers all over Melbourne and throughout Australia know and love. Browse our range online today to find what you need, or call us on 1300 441 498 for more information.

What sets HSP lids apart from the pack? We’ve built our reputation on an unfailing commitment to quality and affordability, setting the bar higher and higher over the years. Our team are proud to provide excellent craftsmanship with the use of state of the art manufacturing technology. This ranges from 3D CAD/CAM mould design to computer-controlled equipment and paint facilities.

With all this in mind, it’s no wonder why HSP Ute Lids are known for always being the best of the best when it comes to innovation and quality. Not only that, but our designs are always original and on-trend, providing only the very best for your vehicle. This ensures that no matter what you choose, you can have confidence knowing that you own the very best product throughout the country.

Our extensive range of high-quality ute products

Whether you pay a visit to our Noble Park store in Melbourne or order online, you can see why we’re the manufacturer of choice for so many people throughout the local area. Our range of products includes ute tub liners, hard lids, roll tops, canopies, nudge bars and much, much more. Regardless of what you need for your vehicle, take a look at our range of options to ensure you’re getting the very best for the most affordable price.

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See something you like? We don’t blame you. Take a look at our online range or give us a call on 1300 441 498 for more information on our products – Hard lids, Roll tops, Canopies & more at our shop today.