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The Importance of Security



Keeping your tools and valuables safe in the ute tray is important for every driver. Why? Because most people depend on them to complete jobs, earn a living and provide for their family. Unfortunately for society, crime shows little to no sign of slowing down, and theft from the back of vehicles is no exception. The good news? That new security features are being developed every day to combat this very issue. Whether it’s better quality materials, more sophisticated technology or revolutionary designs, rest assured that manufacturers are doing their bit to keep your cargo safe. Read on below to learn more about the importance of 4×4 security and how you can step up to meet the challenge. 

Get the job done by securing your tools

Security for your load is vital if you want to get the work done. Think about it. Without a circular saw, trusty shovel and power drill, then how on earth are you going to build that deck? Those holes won’t dig themselves and bolting screws in by hand just isn’t a reality. Cutting wood the old-fashioned way isn’t fun either. So, safeguard your tools so that you can work effectively across all sites at any given time. Start by evaluating where you leave your ute and the potential threats that your cargo is exposed to. If you park in suburban streets, for example, then everything inside of your tub is basically a sitting duck. Things get worse again if you frequent quiet areas where there are less people to deter would be thieves. Get smart and put the effort in to protecting your cargo. You can do this by investing in a quality 4×4 accessory from a range of providers. It’s simple stuff and vital if you want to avoid a trip back to the stone age when something goes missing. Save yourself from the heartache of costly replacement bills by securing your tools. You can’t survive without them and it’s one way to ensure that that next big job gets off to a good start. 

Enjoy quality time with the family by securing your valuables

Be smart about how you transport your recreational gear and you’ll never be left in the lurch. No one wants to tell the kids that there won’t be a fishing trip this year, or that the surf escape down the coast has been cancelled. Unfortunately, all too many people fail to adequately protect their tub, and this leads to adventure equipment going missing on a regular basis. Your tackle box, rods and lifejackets are easy targets to anyone looking to make a quick score. Similarly, surfboards left exposed are prone to growing legs and walking away. Funny, right? Replacing costly items can really add up and put a dent in your pocket. Not only that, but your holiday will well and truly be ruined. We recommend going the extra step to make sure that everything that you value is safe and sound in the back of your 4×4. Don’t take the risk and never leave things to chance. You and your family will definitely thank us in the long run.

What works for security and what doesn’t?

Soft covers or vinyl tonneau covers 

These traditional designs offer limited protection for ute owners because of the typically weak material that is used. Imagine how easy it is to cut through a vinyl soft cover. While it works to an extent, such models are outdated and aren’t designed to stand up against criminals looking to get to your load. Tonneaus in particular are prone to deterioration from the weather, which leaves whatever they are covering even more susceptible to theft. You’ll want to avoid anything with a soft cover if total protection is top of mind and important to you. 

Hard lids

There’s nothing weak about a hard lid. These versatile and durable designs will cover the entire space of your ute tray and will deter even the most determined of robbers. Imagine a solid fiberglass lid across the top of your tools, keeping them safe and sound. Hard lids are a fantastic option for premium security and won’t let you down. HSP premium lard lids also have optional integrated central locking, working with the factory key fob to ensure your ute is always locked. 


Throw a roof over your cargo and you are good to go. That’s what a quality canopy does. These  tough constructs are designed to offer excellent protection while also providing a large amount of cabin space. They basically work like another locked compartment, no different to the actual vehicle itself. You’ll enjoy peace of mind and rest easy knowing that whatever is in the back of your ute will definitely be there the next day, be it a toolbox, shovels, wheelbarrow or anything else. Canopies make a great addition to any 4×4 and will keep the things that you need well accounted for. Canopies also have options for roof racks rated to 80kg or even 150 kg, perfect for tradies or recreational users. 

The HSP Tail Assist 

Want to make loading and unloading your tub easier than ever before? Invest in the HSP Tail Assist and you won’t look back. This revolutionary design utilises a two-way strut system to control the weight of objects on your tailgate. It’s ideal for anyone wanting to access their equipment quickly and with minimum fuss. So, protect your back and save yourself from the trouble of aching muscles the following morning when you step up to the plate with the Tail Assist by HSP.  

Security matters

Be sure to go the extra mile to protect your cargo. Whether it’s work tools that you depend on to earn a living, or jet skis and camping equipment for quality time away, security should never be compromised. HSP designs and manufactures 4×4 accessories in Australia and boasts some of the finest security designs available on the market. Visit HSP Ute Lids or contact us directly to learn more about how we can protect your vehicle today.