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The Truth About Your Ute Tailgate

Hilux Silverback Tailgate open

The most interesting question to ask about Ute accessories is do you know that your Ute tailgate does not lock with your factory key? And the most common answer is always ‘I thought it did, I can’t believe it does not lock’

Unlike your vehicle doors, there is only a manual key lock on your Ute tub or no lock at all. With the cost of tools, sporting gear or bicycles being in the thousands, it is very important to make sure your items are safe and not subject to being stolen.

Unfortunately, it is a very common misconception that thieves take full advantage of, in fact theft is in the top 5 crimes in Australia, and stealing tools from commercial vehicles either on a job site or when your car is parked at home is all too common.

Thankfully HSP has a fantastic Ute accessory that can eliminate any risk of forgetting to lock your ute tub. The Tail Lock is a Ute accessory that is created to allow you lock and unlock your tail gate VIA your factory genuine remote. It is a noninvasive accessory that connects to your tailgate handle and engages and disengages your tailgate.

The tail lock by HSP is extremely easy to install, in fact, you can fit it yourself at home or have it professionally installed by any of our 4wd and Ute distributors around Australia. The unit is installed by removing the tail gate panel in your tub, inserting the HSP tailgate locking device, and using factory mounting points to attach and then running the plug and play wiring to the dedicated pickup point (generally fuel flap or kick panel). Once installed you can lock and unlock your tailgate with the click of a button, and if your vehicle has proximity remote, it will work with that as well.

The tail lock by HSP is especially helpful with a canopy or hardcover. This is because it adds a second layer of security especially if paired with a central locking canopy door. Take for example a canopy, if the window is smashed it would be very easy to open the rear door and tailgate and your belongings can virtually slide out of your ute tub. With the HSP tail lock, at least your tailgate will be blocking the larger items from being stolen.

Recently the HSP Tail Lock was awarded the Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product Accessory for 2018 and 2019 by The Australian Auto Aftermarket Association which is a fantastic testament to the quality of the unit. Unlike cheap imitations or imported products, the HSP tail lock is cycle tested to over 100,000 switching cycles so reliability is not an issue.

The HSP Tail Lock can be shipped to your door generally taking 48 hours from the purchase date so there is no better time than now.

Please note: The Ford Ranger Wildtrak 19.75+ and Ford Raptor now have tailgate central locking as a factory-fitted Ford Genuine Accessory.