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EGR Canopy Range

The EGR canopy range truly represents Australian manufacturing at its finest. Made from high heat ABS plastic the canopy is lightweight and built to withstand the harsh environments. The canopies are split into two categories, ‘fleet and premium’. Both packed with features such as a smooth finished exterior, brake light, led light, tinted windows, drop down front window and options for a lift or slide windows. Premium canopies have an additional option for integrated central locking to your factory remote.

Ultimate Strength & Lightweight

Both the Premium and Fleet canopies start are made of ABS. The choice material to achieve a robust, durable thick and UV stable canopy. The canopy is smooth in finish and is designed look and feel as part of the vehicle. This material also allows the canopy to be substantially lighter in weight and carry heavier loads.

The Only Australian Made Canopy

Both the Fleet and Premium canopies are manufactured and robotically painted in Australia. These canopies are approved by the most amount of Major car manufacturers as they’re canopy of choice, surpassing internal testing as well as testing from the vehicle manufacturer.

Three Window Opening Options

All canopies in the fleet and premium range come with an option of dual lift, lift and slide or dual sliding windows. These also come standard with a drop-down window between the canopy and cabin to further help seal the unit and provide easy access to clear the rear window. All canopies windows are tinted at no cost.

Lightweight & Heavy Duty Roof Rack Options

Both the premium and fleet canopy come with an option for 80kg or 150kg rated roof racks. Unlike most racks on the market, the weight ratings provided are a dynamic weight rating tested during motion, providing a more realistic and reliable rating.

The 80kg system is a track mounted Yakima pro rack with two cross bars which can be moved up and down the track.

The 150kg system is an ultra-heavy fixed position heavy duty twin cross bar system. This attaches to an internal framing inside the canopy to provide additional support.

Central Locking Options

All Premium canopies have an option to upgrade to an integrated central locking system, working off your existing remote to the back door of the canopy. This is only available on the premium canopy.

Fleet Canopy Option

The Fleet canopy is made of the same material and has most the same features of the premium canopy, however has some alternate features. These include a slight change to the shape of the canopy, a bolt on application, fly screen on sliding windows standard, framed glass and a twin handle rear door.

Premium Canopy Option

The Premium canopy is packed with features and option upgrades. These include, a clamp or semi clamp on system, frameless glass, single handle rear door, optional central locking, painted bottom strip to mention a few.

Aeroklas Canopy Range

In a worldwide first, the Aeroklas canopy offers twin skin ABS plastic shell with no joins or weak areas ensuring that every canopy has the highest amount of protection. All canopies come standard with a LED light, tinted windows, clamp on installation along with central locking standard on all current model canopies.



Aeroklas canopies feature a twin skin design. Each shell is thermoformed from a single piece of ABS with no joins or weak areas. Aeroklas’s ABS twin skinned canopy is twice the strength of any canopy on the market. Aeroklas canopies have gone through pendulum testing up to 200kgs, with an impressive result of a intact shell with no cracks.

Aeroklas Premium Volkswagen Amarok Dual Cab Canopy

Dual & Space Cap Options

Aeroklas canopies predominately are designed to suit dual cabs, however most popular applications have a space cab option. These will come with a lift and pop window variation.

Central Locking Standard

All Aeroklas current model canopies come standard with rear door central locking. This is integrated to your factory remote working perfectly in sync with your drivers and passenger door.

Roof Rack Option

Aeroklas have teamed up with Rhino Rack to provide all Aeroklas canopies with an optional 80kg roof rack system. This is a track mounted roof rack with a twin cross bar that can be moved up and down the track. These racks are designed by Rhino Rack and Installed using a track mounted system allows the user to have flexibility with the positioning of the cross bars.

Aeroklas Premium Volkswagen Amarok Dual Cab Canopy

Standard Features

All Aeroklas canopies come with premium standard features such as a clamp on mounting, led light, tinted windows. Most of the range also has a built-in brake light.