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To put it simply, the HSP Premium Hard lid was inspired by YOU.
Thanks to your valuable input, we were able to identify fundamental flaws in how both genuine and aftermarket hard lids were designed, made and distributed.

We have transformed the traditional hard lid to a better functioning, better priced, better suited product worthy of your vehicle.

Click below to view the HSP Premium hardlid in action

WHO we are and WHY we do it?

HSP is an Australian manufacturer of 4×4 hard lid accessories focussing specifically on the tub of your vehicle (yes we know it’s rare, but we still manufacture in Australia).  We are here to create solutions. Not just products. You can read more about how we supply ute lids to customers in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and beyond by checking out our about section.

Okay, now back to the Premium Hardlid

The HSP premium range of hard lids are designed and manufactured using the most advanced technology. Unlike other hardlids on the market, HSP Premium Lids have a specific shape custom designed to enhance your vehicle. Read more below to see why HSP Premium Hardlids are so…Premium.


Ute Hard Lids & Accessories – Beautiful, inside and out

We took your cheesy one liners and put them to good use. HSP Premium Hardlids have marine grade carpet lining which provides great insulation, a better barrier for your cargo and of course, looks awesome.

Central Locking Option

Hate using keys? So do we, All HSP Premium hard covers come with a central locking option giving peace of mind so you know that when your car is locked, so is your lid. The central locking works off your factory remote, interior switch and proximity door button.

Love using keys? No problems! All premium lids have a single handle double point manual lock standard and you can have peace of mind knowing our central locking upgrades can be added any time.


LED Light Option

Forgot your night vision goggles? No worries! HSP Premium Lids have an option for an LED light, integrated to the interior panel of the hard lid.

This unit can be added to any Premium Hardlid during or after installation.

Pin Release System

Commitment issues are a thing of the past! HSP Premium Lids can be removed in 60 seconds using our advanced pin system hinges and quick plug wiring. Perfect for when you need to carry larger items. Don’t believe us? Check out the video below.

Paint and Quality Standards

HSP Premium hard lids are built to ISO9001 worldwide quality control standards and have a minimum of 5 inspections during production. We use the latest in paint and detailing technology to create long lasting and beautiful finishes. So good you can use your lid as a mirror! 

Weather Protection

I love water getting into my tub… Said no one ever!
All Premium HSP Hardlids have deeper channels on the infills to support water protection (on average twice as deep as any of our competitors). We also use twin seals on water prone areas and a specific design on the hard lid that naturally allows water to flow off. 

Technical Specifications  (The Nerdy Stuff)

For more technical information on our hard lids please read below, or simply scroll to the bottom of this page to get in touch with one of our knowledgeable staff members.

Manufacturing Quality Compliant to ISO9001
Material of lid

Fibre Reinforced Polymer 

Central locking cycle test Tested to 25,000 cycles without destruction
Strut information Size: 700mm 
Torque: 220NM
LED Light information

Voltage: 12v

Compliant with: EN 60529 Ed. 2.2:
2013: IP66

Paint Compliant to testing requirements by most major manufacturers including Ford, Mitsubishi, GM Holden and Toyota.
Interior material Carpet: Marine grade 

3 years on paint and structure


How do we compare?

The table below is designed to compare our HSP Hardlids with the two major hard lid options available in Australia.

Brand →

Feature ↓

Premium Lid
Sports Lid
Australian Manufactured  Yes Yes No
3 year warranty Yes No Yes
Carpeted interior Yes No No
Max Cost below $2550
(based on 3 piece dual cab with central locking and light)
Yes No No
ABS plastic No Yes  Yes
Fibre Reinforced Polymer Yes No No

Time to make an inquiry? We think so! 

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HSP Ute Lids is committed to supplying quality ute tray lids and hard tonneau covers to customers throughout Australia, including Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane. Look to us for standout ute hard lid accessories, slide trays and hard tonneau covers that transform your 4×4 experience. We also stock the formidable Silverback ute lid. Get in touch with us today by calling 1300 441 498 or by emailing us at [email protected]

Now that you have all the information you need, remember you have a ute! Go do something fun with it!