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Next Gen Ford Ranger and Raptor Hard Lid

At HSP we understand quality and craftsmanship. We design and make Next Gen Ford Ranger Hard Lids 100% in Australia, drawing from the talents of expert local workers and more than 20 years’ worth of experience creating quality accessories. We believe that the Next Gen Ford Raptor Hard Lid is the most advanced, functional and attractive cover on the market and here is why..

The Premium Lid by HSP is made from a fibre-reinforced polymer, which means it is very strong but also lightweight. This allows us to retain a super slim design that does not protrude into your tub like a traditional plastic lid. On the inside, you will find a beautiful marine grade carpet lining which not only looks great but provides fantastic insulation. In addition to all of this, each lid is specifically shaped to suit the vehicle which is why HSP Premium lids always look like they are an extension of the vehicle.

The Next Gen Ford Ranger Hard Cover offers the perfect combination of convenience and versatility. The Premium Lid allows users to remove the cover in less than a minute with quick-release struts and pin system hinges for easy access to oversized items. Working out of your ute late at night? Not a problem! The optional LED light easily illuminates your entire tub, making working in low light easy and safe. Next-Gen Ford Ranger Hard Covers give you all the functionality you need to get things done fast, no matter what time of day it is.

The integrated central locking option is state-of-the-art. With a simple plug-and-play connection, you can lock and unlock your vehicle with your factory remote; as you do so, your Next-Gen Ford Ranger tonneau will follow suit in perfect synchronization. This not only provides unparalleled convenience but also guarantees that your things are extra secure at all times.

The HSP Next Generation Ford Ranger and Raptor tonneau has a unique lid feature that will keep your tools and belongings safe from the elements. It’s built with a compression seal around the premaster that acts as a barrier to prevent water from coming in and its contour shape is designed to divert the water to the outer edge of the area. For its 3-piece variation, the Next Gen Ford Ranger tonneau boasts one of the deepest infill channels (approx. 25mm) providing a generous flow path for water to escape your tub. This combination of effective materials and design makes Next Gen Ford Raptor tonneau an ideal choice even in super wet conditions.

So if you are searching for something to safeguard your tools, protect your possessions from unwanted weather conditions, and finish off the look of your vehicle the HSP Premium lid to suit the Next Gen Ford Ranger and Raptor is just the product for you.