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HSP 4×4 offers all the after sale accessories you need for your LDV Ute.

The LDV T60 Hard Cover is the perfect accessory for your LDV T60, providing extra protection and style to your vehicle. A hard lid is essential for any functional ute. The last thing you want to find is a wet and dirty mess in your tray after you unstrap all of those hooks for your retro canvas cover. This hard lid provides a tough barrier against the elements and keeps your vehicle looking its best. It also offers a secure lock system to ensure that your valuables remain safe and secure. With its sleek design, it adds an extra layer of protection while maintaining the classic look of your LDV T60. This is why so many people trust in HSP Ute Lids out of all the various hard cover designs out there.

Whether you’re looking for an aftermarket accessory or something to enhance the look of your LDV T60, the LDV T60 Hard Cover is sure to provide you with all the protection and style you need.

At HSP Ute Lids, our designs are 100% Australian made and designed to support the daily function of our customers. Not only are our LDV T60 hard covers easily removable (only taking around one minute to remove), but it also comes with interior lights, and keyless remote entry add-ons to make your life so much simpler. With other features, including trimless finished edges and advanced cargo protection, our LDV T60 tonneau cover will provide a design that suits all applications and utes perfectly.

HSP has an extensive range of LDV T60 accessories, roll tops, hard lid, sport bar and more – Β Let us help you make your ride stand out even more – Enquire now.

LDV T60 Tonneau Cover Fittings Across Australia

While all of our highly constructed ute lids and canopies come with detailed and easy to follow instructions, HSP Ute Lids also offers first-class fitting centres across Australia. Letting one of our professionals provide their fitting services means you can rest easy knowing the safety compliance of your new LDV T60 hard cover has been met at all stages. Our LDV T60 hard cover is designed with a tonneau cover, a classic choice for automotive accessories, and offers an aerodynamic and striking body to protect your belongings and tray.Β 

For more information on our range of LDV T60 tonneau covers and other LDV premium lids or to find your nearest HSP or retailer fitting centre contact our team today. We’ve got you covered.

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