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The All-New Amarok Load Slide by HSP 4×4, Where Convenience and Efficiency Meets Durability and Safety.

Designed to make loading and accessing your gear a breeze, HSP 4×4’s Load Slide is the perfect addition to your All New Amarok. 

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a tradesperson, or an outdoor enthusiast, our All New Amarok Load Slide will revolutionise the way you handle your cargo.

The Ultimate 4×4 Load Slide for Your Amarok

Discover the power of HSP 4×4’s Load Slide, specially designed to fit seamlessly into your All New Amarok. With its durable construction and intelligent design, this slide-out tray makes loading and unloading your ute a smooth and effortless experience. Say goodbye to back-breaking work and hello to convenience and efficiency. 

Unleash the Potential of Your All- New Amarok Ute

Transform your All New Amarok into a versatile powerhouse with our Load Slide. With its impressive weight capacity and sturdy build, this ute slide-out tray allows you to transport heavy loads with ease. Whether you need to transport tools, equipment, or recreational gear, our All New Amarok Load Slide is your go-to solution. 

Dependable, Safe and Durable

At HSP 4×4 we prioritise safety and durability. Our All New Amarok Load Slide is built to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring your cargo stays secure during all your adventures. With its anti-slip surface and robust locking mechanism, you can trust that your gear will stay in place, even on the most challenging terrains. Experience the game-changing convenience of our All New Amarok Load Slide. With its innovative features and unbeatable performance, this ute cargo slide is the perfect companion for any Amarok owner.

Upgrade your ute today and unlock a new level of efficiency and productivity. Choose HSP 4×4 Load Slide and redefine how you handle your cargo – Get in touch for more information