Fitting Center

Please note that we are currently still producing series 2 roll r cover to suit the MQ Triton as well as taking back orders for series 3.

Series 2 is not compatible with cross bars, factory remote, smart led light or has a smart touchpad.

Mitsubishi Triton MQ & MR Roll Top

If you have purchased an MQ & MR  and are looking for the most useful accessories, then look no further. The HSP Electric Roll R Cover is a fantastic MQ & MR accessory to protect your possessions from the elements and unwelcome intruders. A HSP Australian Made electric roller shutter is available to suit all variants of the Mitsubishi Triton MQ & MR. Did you know that HSP Roll R Covers can retain the genuine sports bars in addition to being cross bar and ladder rack compatible

The Functionality of HSP Roller Covers

Roller covers are extremely functional if you’re looking for a great all rounder. The beauty of a ute roller cover is that you can have the versatility of leaving the unit open, close or part way which makes it extremely handy when you have larger cargo. If your MQ & MR needs an upgrade to perform at the highest level, then we’ve got you covered. Our electric roll tops are the ultimate accessory to enhance your vehicle’s potential. You can open, close and pause via a built-in touch pad on the unit or use our HSP smart app to operate the roller cover and even use your existing factory remote. Other awesome features include a huge strip LED light, interlocking extrusions and a matte black finish. If that’s not enough, The HSP Electric roll lids have added security, a high-water rating and require no-drill installation.