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The Volkswagen Amarok Silverback Hard lid

There are a lot of options for a Volkwagen Amarok dual cab ute. These options generally include canopies, roll tops and hard lids which all serve different purposes. The Silverback ute lid by HSP is a fantastic alternative which gives you a strong, robust cover with carrying capacity. If you are looking for a low priced hard lid with fantastic features for VW Amarok.

The silverback hard lid By HSP is perfect for your Volkswagen Amarok as it gives water defense as well as safekeeping for your cargo. The HSP Silverback hard comes standard in a satin black finish being the perfect accent colour.

Cheaper than a Second-hand hard lid.

IF you have ever purchased a second hand car part, you may find the components and bracketry is almost as or even more expensive than the hard lid. The Silverback is priced well below a standard genuine hardlid so it’s a fantastic option to avoid the disappointment of buying used.

Fitting around Australia

By following our simple fitting instructions, the Silverback hard cover for a Volkswagen Amarok can be self fitted very easily. There are no specialised tools required so DIY fitting is a great option. HSP also has stores all around Australia so for professional fitting, please contact us to find out who your local distributor is.


Elevate Your Off-Road Experience with HSP’s Silverback Hard Lid for the All New  Amarok

Introducing HSP 4×4 Amarok Silverback Hard Lid

Welcome to HSP 4×4’s collection of the All New Amarok Silverback Hard Lid. With rugged durability and sophisticated practicality, HSP’s Silverback Hard Lid elevates your 4×4 experience. Featuring sleek design, durable and advanced features, the Silverback Hard Lid enhances the storage capacity of your All New Amarok, and protects its cargo all at a cost efficient price.

Unmatched Protection and Security 

You can ensure the protection and security of your valuable possessions with the All New  Amarok Silverback Hard Lid. Precision-crafted and built to withstand extreme conditions, this hard lid keeps your cargo safe and secure throughout your off-road adventures. You will have peace of mind knowing that your gear is protected against the elements and thieves thanks to its robust construction and advanced locking mechanisms. 

Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

With its seamless integration with your All New Amarok, the Silverback Hard Lid adds a touch of sophistication to your vehicle. A stylish finish and sleek lines enhance the overall aesthetics of your 4×4. This hard lid perfectly compliments the tough nature of your All New Amarok thanks to its precision fit and compatibility with the vehicle’s features. 

Convenient Installation and Access

There is no need to worry about installing the Amarok Silverback Hard Lid. The HSP team is here to make installation and fitting your hard lid a breeze. A well-designed lifting and locking mechanism on the Silverback Hard Lid makes it easy to access cargo once it’s installed. It has never been easier to load and unload your gear for off-road adventures, so you can focus on enjoying the experience.

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