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Ask and you shall receive. The TailGate Assist works in some pretty cool ways. Basically, this product utilises twin gas struts to reduce the weight of the tailgate during the incline and decline. The outcome? Think better safety for whoever is loading or unloading your tray. Expect a non-obtrusive design that can be installed in less than 20 minutes. That’s gotta be a record, surely? Shop with confidence at HSP and know that we only deliver the very best 4×4 accessories. 

How we do what we do

HSP is more than just a typical manufacturer. We design and build innovative products that are truly game-changing. Using the latest technology and engineering processes, we promise to impress with everything that we do. 

Deck your VW out with our tailgate strut system and you won’t be disappointed. Questions? Get in touch today and speak with our friendly team.