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Redefining safety and convenience for your All-New VW Amarok

This innovative product harnesses the power of twin gas struts, effortlessly reducing the weight of your tailgate during incline and decline. Say goodbye to heavy lifting and hello to improved safety for you and your cargo. With its sleek and non-obtrusive design, the Tailgate Assist seamlessly integrates with your Amarok in under 20 minutes. We’ve made installation a breeze, setting a new record for speed and efficiency. Shop with confidence at HSP, where we prioritise quality and reliability. Experience the difference with the Tailgate Assist and elevate your Volkswagen Amarok to new heights of safety and convenience.
(Please note: due to variations in vehicle tubs, some vehicles may come with a torsion spring on the tailgate. If your vehicle has this, only a single dampening strut is required)

Get the best out of your All-New VW Amarok with our tailgate strut system. Need more information? Speak with one of our friendly team members today.


Experience Smooth and Effortless Tailgate Operation with HSP 4×4 Tailgate Strut Assist System 

Say goodbye to struggling with heavy tailgates. Our Tailgate Strut Assist System utilises advanced technology to make opening and closing your tailgate a breeze, providing a smooth and effortless experience every time.

Amplify your tailgate experience with superior performance and unmatched support

Elevate your vehicle’s tailgate to new heights of support and performance. HSP 4×4 tailgate struts ensure superior durability and reliability, providing optimal lifting capability for your tailgate.

Improve Safety and Convenience: Tailgate Struts Provide Convenience and Safety

Prioritise safety and convenience with our Tailgate Assist Struts. Designed to provide added stability and security, these struts ensure your tailgate stays securely in place, even under heavy loads, making loading and unloading a worry-free experience.

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