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GWM Cannon Roll R Cover to Suit Extended Sports Bar (Vanta)

GWM Cannon Roll R Cover to Suit Extended Sports Bar (Vanta)

Part No. GW43RS3.5

The HSP Electric Roll R Cover Series 3.5 is the ultimate accessory to enhance your vehicle’s potential. This is why HSP makes Australia’s favourite roll top. With features, such as a built-in LED light, advanced water drainage and the ability to open, close and pause the unit via a touch sensor, your mobile phone or even your factory remote allowing the user to open, close and pause at the click of a button. This unit is specially designed, offering a specific sports bar adapter kit to perfectly mount your HSP Armour Bar.

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  • 100% Australian-made and owned
  • Open, close, and pause in any position. 
  • Heavy-duty aluminium
  • Full-width integrated LED Strip Light
  • Built-in AI technology servicing warning light
  • Compatible with Vanta Extended Sports Bar

Please note, while the Roll R Cover s3.5 works with the Loadbar and Ladder rack, due to the positioning of the extended sports bar the full Load Rack & Ladder Rack is not possible.  

  • Operate via touch sensor built into the side rail
  • Alternatively, operate via factory vehicle remote
  • Or operate via HSP Smart App (Andriod and Apple)
  • And finally, operate via voice command (using SIRI)
  • 100% Curtain retraction (maximizing tub space)
  • Small compact canister 
  • Mannix black premium black finish
  • 4 Drainage Points & Curtain Drainage Grates


We love the word simple and once you see how incredibly easy we have made the Roll R Cover to fit, you will too! To find out more about how to fit simply access our fitting instructions on this page.

Key Features

  • Clamp-on installation
  • Minimal Moving Parts
  • Plug and Play wiring
  • Can be fitted at home or one of 500 fitting centres internationally
  • Lightweight


Warranties are very low on HSP products so you can rest assured knowing that you have a quality product. However, in the instance something does go wrong we have some reassurances that if anything goes wrong, we have you covered. 

  • 3-year warranty on the unit
  • Minimal moving parts make replacing any items simple
  • Australian manufactured items meaning parts are readily available 
  • Australian-based customer service team

More Information

Click below to get an interactive run-through of the HSP Roll R Cover s3

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GWM Cannon Roll R Cover to Suit Extended Sports Bar (Vanta) - GWM Cannon Roll R Cover to Suit Extended Sports Bar (Vanta)