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The NAVARA NP300, MY21+ ‘Roll R Cover’

The Nissan Navara NP300 MY21+ remodel is out with its new take on the Navara look.

We love it and got to work on a roller cover that would match the look of a modern Navara including ST, SX, and PRO4X Sports bars

We did it!

First in fact, now you can order your new Nissan Navara with an official HSP Electric ‘Roll R Cover.’ The first-ever Australian electric roll cover is the only cover designed, sourced, and made in Australia. It’s remote-operated and can connect to a built-in LED,  it has steel reinforced side rails that allow for genuine additions like sports bars, crossbars, ladder rack systems. we even have an app you can download from the Apple Store and Google Play that operates the cover from your phone.

Drainage and How We Deal with the Elements:

Everyone does their best to keep water out but even submarines take on water from time to time, we focussed instead on designing an effective drainage system for if and when water does get through it’s seen out by way of side gutters and a 4 point drainage setup, in addition, the roll curtain has rubber between the extrusions to stop anything coming through, which leads us to our next point……

Security, How We Go the Extra Mile:

The roller curtain is comprised of interlocking aluminium plate extrusions that cannot be cut through, rubber inlets to keep water out, and a motor lock that when closed will strengthen as a reaction to forced entry, that’s right, a perpetrator only buttresses the cover by forcing it, jamming the extrusions together.

What does it mean to be Australian-made?

For it to mean what you think it does, it needs to be sourced, manufactured, and owned by Australians. To keep money and jobs locally and to meet Australian standards. It should not require an international flight to see the production line from start to end.  We have a factory in Noble Park, and another up in Alexandra, and that’s why we’re confident in our covers. The scrutiny our products undertake in order to be made in Australia help make our covers the best.

Buying soon?

Back on to the Navara, we’re the only business out here with a finished product and better still one that is made to fit your setup, if you want one less headache in 2021, chat to your Dealer or HSP Distributor about the ‘HSP Roll R Cover‘ before you sign the dotted line on a new Navara.