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Jeep Gladiator Load Slide

One of the best accessories for a Jeep Gladiator is the HSP Jeep Gladiator Load Slide. This pull out tray provides a simple and easy way to access the cargo within your tub without causing any strain. Simply slide the Load Slide out and all your gear is easily accessible without having to clamber into the tub. Additionally, the pull out tray can be locked in place, ensuring that your gear stays safe and secure while you’re on the move. Whether you’re looking for a way to make loading and unloading your Jeep easier, or you simply want to increase your level of accessibility, the HSP Loadslide is an excellent choice.

A Great Alternative to a Drawer System

The Load Slide offers an easy, affordable way to transport tools without having a bulky draw system. It’s small enough that you can put it in your trunk and not worry about taking up precious cargo space on the back of your truck


HSP also can provide expert fitment at one of our many authorised distributors around Australia. The Loadslide is easy to use and comes with all the necessary hardware for a quick and easy installation. It is also backed by an Australian-based customer service warranty for your peace of mind. So why wait? Order your HSP Jeep Gladiator Loadslide and start enjoying the outdoors today!