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Mazda Bt50 TF Load Rack (Suits Tub)

Mazda Bt50 TF Load Rack (Suits Tub)

Part No. LR-T-S

The HSP Load Rack represents the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Designed for today’s worker and adventurer, the HSP ladder rack, in its full set, can support an industry-leading weight of up to 150kg. Manufactured from precision-extruded aluminium and coated in a premium semi-matte black, the Load Rack provides a more stylized finish than traditional tubular racks. Additionally, with four channels on each leg and top bar (totalling 24), it’s ready to accommodate a variety of accessories from your favourite brands like Rhino Rack, Yakima, Front Runner, Thule, and more

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  • Australian-made and owned
  • Multiple mounting channels (24 in a full kit)
  • Lightweight โ€“ aluminium construction
  • Premium powder coat finish
  • 150 kg weight rating (full kit)
  • Height can be reduced during the initial fitting
  • Full kit comes with front + rear bar and joiner (individual legs or joiner bar can be purchased)

(Please note that the weight rating given is specific to the Load Rack. It is up to the user to determine whether their vehicle can handle additional weight and if it requires additional bracing)

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Fitting and Warranty


Please note the HSP Load Rack comes at a standard height which is slightly elevated. During the fitment process or after, you can lower the height to suit cabin racks by simply docking the legs.

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Front Leg Click Here

Rear Leg Click Here

Joiner Bar Click Here

Please note, that this is to suit a direct-to-tub application


Warranties are very low on HSP products so you can rest assured knowing that you have a quality product. However, in the instance something does go wrong we have some reassurances that if anything goes wrong, we have you covered.ย 

  • 2-year warranty
  • Minimal moving parts which make replacing any parts simple
  • Australian manufactured item meaning parts are readily availableย 
  • Australian-based customer service team
  • To learn more about our warranty terms please click here

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Mazda Bt50 TF Load Rack (Suits Tub) - Mazda Bt50 TF Load Rack (Suits Tub)