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Yep, you’ll love it. 

The TailGate Assist utilises twin gas struts to reduce the weight of your tailgate while declining and inclining. This means sudden drops can be avoided, reducing the risk of injuries and accidents occurring. Expect a sleek, non-obtrusive design that will enhance the look of your ride. There’s good news when it comes to installation too, as the entire process takes less than 20 minutes.   

Enjoy a 1-year warranty for total peace of mind.

About HSP

We create premium 4×4 products for Aussie drivers. But we do things differently to other manufacturers. At HSP, everything that we make is designed with your needs in mind. How do we know what works? Because we share the same seat as you. Look to us for innovative and functional accessories that are guaranteed to change the game.

Get tailgate gas struts for your Hilux 

Get in touch with our friendly team if tailgate gas struts are on the cards for your Hilux. Expect a standout level of customer service, support and advice when you choose to work with HSP.