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Frequently Asked Questions!

  • What is a J-brace?

    A J-Brace is a bracket, purpose designed to add additional strengthening to an item. In this case it is the vehicle tub of theNext Generation Ford Ranger/Ford Raptor or an All New Amarok. This brace acts as a reinforcement for the load box and is mounted close to the wheel arches of the vehicle (see the below diagram)

  • Why I May or May Not Need One?

    In general, braces are a fantastic way to add some additional strength to a product. If you’re likely to use your vehicle in settings that cause additional stress to the tub, then it is always recommended to have additional bracing. This bracing is purposely designed to give a longer life to your vehicle and assists with the vehicle warranty in some scenarios. Please keep in mind that the static load you put onto your vehicle (stationary net weight) is significantly increased when the vehicle is in motion. This is because in a static load, the force of the load remains constant and with movement, the load is more dynamic due to factors like speed of travel, sudden change in velocity, wind and even steering around corners can increase your static weight by factors of 2-3x or more.

  • What are Ford’s Recommendations?

    There is little publication about the J-Brace however Ford has issued a statement stating that it is a requirement that any 2022 Ranger fitted with a canopy must have a J-brace strengthening kit installed. These brace kits are to be supplied by ford or be a ford licenced accessory to ensure that the warranty on your vehicle is valid (Current part numbers are VN1WZ2627726B – Raptor Jbrace & VN1WZ2627726A – Rangers Jbrace)

  • What are Volkswagen’s Recommendations?

    There is little publication about the J-Brace however Volkswagen does have a J-brace available for their canopy and upon inspection of the tubs we can see similarities so we are extending our recommendation from the Ford to the Volkswagen. 

  • What are the HSP Recommendations?

    There is no accurate testing guide made public to measure the integration of accessories to your tub so at HSP we recommend you get the J-Brace kit from Ford/Volkswagen if you are planning on purchasing a HSP Roll R Cover Series 3 and this recommendation is based on the assumption that the brace kit further strengthens the tub which lowers the risk of damage to your vehicle (essentially, giving you peace of mind).
    As the J-Brace is a reinforcement bracket, we elevate our recommendation if you are planning on carrying an additional load on your Roll R Cover Series 3 via the Loadbar or soon the released Load Rack.
    We will also be making the same recommendation if you are purchasing a Silverback Lid by HSP (with the intention of mounting crossbars for additional carrying capacity).

  • Is this exclusive to The HSP Roll R Cover?

    Not at all, we believe. The J brace is not exclusive to HSP products, and any competitive product would be assumed to have similar interaction with your vehicle. In fact, the HSP Roll R Cover series 3 is one of the lightest weight covers on the market (being primarily made of aluminium and having one of, if not the smallest canisters). We have written this guide to give our consumers as much information as possible prior to their purchase.

  • Another company has told me they don’t need it for their product.

    We are the world’s only 100% Australian-made and manufactured roll top, which means we employ hard-working Australians to make great products for hard-working Australians. It’s these ethics that we have instilled in ourselves and our staff that don’t allow us to use smoke and mirrors to boost sales. We will always give our customers the courtesy of giving factual and unbiased information.
    There is no publicly available testing guide to test whether a J-brace is needed so any company that is telling you that you do not need one, is doing so based on their assumptions.

  • Where can I get a J-Brace?

    Your local dealership will have the ability to supply and fit the J-Brace to your vehicle. There is new stock and more approved products coming in the next few months, so if you’re finding it hard to track one down, call around a few dealerships and put one on backorder (use part number AMN1WJ27726AA). If you own a Volkswagen you will need to discuss this with your local dealer (at the time of writing this the part number was not live)

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