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HSP Toyota Hilux N80 Armour Bar to suit Tub (1)HSP Toyota Hilux N80 Armour Bar to suit Tub (1)

For Drivers Who Appreciate a Nice Rear End

With so much hype around the front of the car, it’s sometimes easy to forget the most important part of a Ute. The tub. That’s why we have created the Armour Bar. The First in a new line of ‘aesthetic enhancement’ products by HSP and we couldn’t think of a more beautiful product to start with.

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WHO we are and WHY we do it?

HSP is an Australian manufacturer of 4×4 accessories focussing specifically on the tub of your vehicle (yes we know it’s rare, but we still manufacture our core products in Australia).  We are here to create solutions. Not just products. To learn more click here.

Okay, Back To The Armour Bar

Did you know that Australia is one of the only countries in the world to have sports bars standard on most vehicles? We were shocked too, and we found that for something so common and sought after, all sports bars pretty much looked and functioned the same. That’s why HSP created the Armour Bar. A purpose-built sports bar, a completely individual design using only the best materials to achieve a beautiful, functional, and premium sports bar.


Light Weight

The Tub is essentially the whole reason you purchased a Ute so when designing the Armour bar we wanted to ensure that it was as light weight and non-invasive as possible. The clear choice for us was alloy, it weighs about half of any comparable steel bar, meaning less stress on your tub and a higher payload.

HSP Mazda Bt50 TF Armour Bar to suit Tub (3)

Anti Rust Design

Unlike steel sports bars, the front and rear of the Armour Bar contain almost no iron, and without iron, there is no rust.  Any non-alloy parts such as brackets and bolts are either powder coated or have anti-rust protection.

HSP Nissan Navara Np300 Armour Bar to suit Tub hero

Middle Curve Extension

The Armour Bar’s rear legs start from the middle and curve out towards the rear. This not only looks great but gives you the ability to centre mount lightweight accessories such as spotlights (please check with your state legislation prior to installing any lights on your vehicle.)

HSP Ford Ranger Raptor PX Armour Bar to suit Tub hero

Premium Powder-coated Finish

The Armour bar comes standard with a premium matte powder-coated finish. Not only does this look and feel sensational but when compared to a painted or polished finish, powder coat is best for withstanding the elements.

HSP Ford Ranger Raptor PX Armour Bar to suit Roll R Cover s3 (2)

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Works with and Without the Roll R Cover S3

The Armour Bar looks fantastic on any dual cab naked tub. However, for anyone who has a HSP Roll R Cover S3 and above, we now have a mounting kit to adapt your Armour bar on. Each bar has been specifically designed to sit perfectly in line with your cabin.