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So good, your chiropractor will recommend it

Sick of hurting your knees from climbing in and out of your tub?

Struggling with shoulder and back pain from awkwardly lifting heavy loads in and out of your tub?

Say no more: the HSP Loadslide is designed to combat just that and a lot more!

Start by checking out the video below.

Who we are, and why we do it?

HSP 4X4 is an Australian manufacturer of 4×4 accessories focussing specifically on the tub of your vehicle (yes we know it’s rare, but we still manufacture in Australia). We are here to create real solutions to everyday problems. Find out more in our about us section.

Okay, Back to the Load Slide

The HSP Load Slide is a purpose-built, retractable bed slide. Each unit has an entirely custom cut platform, contouring to your specific vehicle and is designed to give better access and management of your cargo. In other words, it’s the ultimate slide tray for your ride.

75% Platform Extension

Easy like a Sunday morning, the Load Slide is operated via an easy-to-use handle that provides up to 75% extension beyond your tub. This provides simple and safe access to your goods when required.

250kg Weight Rating When Extended

Yes, that’s right.. When extended! Combining advanced engineering with heavy-duty materials means the Load Slide can handle up to 250kg of dispersed weight when fully extended.


Purpose Built Side Rails

Not only do they look awesome, but our custom cut heavy duty side rails are also designed to contour around the edges acting as a barrier and anchor points. This means you can move more with less effort than ever before.


Custom Cut Platform

One size fits all is for baseball caps and shortcut products. Your vehicle is unique, just like you, and so is our platform. Using advanced CNC routing machines, The HSP Load Slide is completely custom cut to suit your specific requirements so there is no space wasted.

Multiple Latching positions

The HSP Load slide has multiple latching positions every 20 centimetres allowing the user to stop and latch the load slide by simply letting go of the handle.

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To speak with HSP about a slide out cargo tray for your ute, call today on 1300 441 498 or shoot through an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on supplying customers with the best 4×4 auto parts on the market, so look to us with confidence when you need expert product advice. 

And by the way! Now that you have all the information you need, don’t forget to book yourself in for a much needed massage. Without a Load Slide, we’re guessing you need one!