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The All-New 2022 Ford Ranger Accessories

The All-New 2022 Ford Ranger

You know that feeling you get when you’re in line for a roller coaster? You’re equally nervous and excited, the wait seems to be forever, and you know this is going to be worth the wait or a mediocre letdown. That’s the feeling that we all had at HSP waiting for the launch of the all-new Ford Ranger and we can happily say, it was well and truly worth the wait.

While Ford has issued many facelifts and smaller updates, the all-new Ford Ranger is the first complete upgrade of the vehicle since the PX Ranger came out in 2011.

The new Ranger was primarily designed and engineered in Australia, but we can see it has really taken a lot of inspiration from the Ford 150 and other American pickups. The vehicle has been designed to be the perfect workhorse and day to day family car.

The interior has had a lot of finesse, with a huge (up to 12 inches) vertical display, digital cluster, plenty of storage and wireless charging where applicable, easy to use dials and a short-throw e-shifter (which was apparently only chosen based on customer feedback). The Ford Sync 4 System has voice-activated commands and a fitted modem for simple software upgrades. There is also a handy 360 camera for easier parking.

Safety Features have increased, just to name a few some of the big improvements are a centre airbag, autonomous emergency braking, speed sign recognition, blind zone and lane assist. The headlights have ‘matrix’ Bi-LED lamps which help avoid stunning oncoming traffic.

The tub is a lot more functional with, an integrated rear step, clamping points on the tailgate and even a built-in ruler. Size has been added to fit a European sized pallet there are divider locaters and a 400w 240v socket. There is also lighting inside the tray which is perfect for tradies working late into the night or camping trips off the beaten track.

Both the 3.2-litre and 2.2-litre diesel Duratorq engines have been dropped. There is now a 3.0-litre turbo-diesel Power Stroke V6 (which was offered in the US F150), a 2.0-litre twin-turbo four-cylinder diesel engine and single-turbo 2.0-litre diesel four. There could also be the potential for a turbocharged petrol v6 on the Raptor, but this is not yet set in stone.

Now, the most important part… Well to us anyway.

HSP will be creating a full suite of accessories to suit the All-New Ford Ranger including:

The Roll R Cover.  Australia’s only 100% locally manufactured roll-top and has the ability to work with factory remote, a smart touchpad and can retail factory sports bars as well as have add ons like ladder racks and crossbars.

The Premium Hard Lid will be custom designed to perfectly compliment the all-new ranger and have features such as interior marine-grade carpet, factory remote lock, integrated LED light and quick release for easy removal.

The Silverback, which is a heavy-duty hardcover designed to keep your belongings safe from intruders and the elements as well as provide a practical cover that allows you to carry within or on top of your tub.

The HSP Load Slide. A custom cut purpose-built retractable bed slide, designed to give you better access to your belongings and provide a more functional tub. 

We will be keeping you all up to date on our latest developments and document everything across the way so please watch this space for more updates!