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The Evolution of Ladder Racks

Ladder racks have been a fundamental companion for users that have needed to carry larger loads or items that stretch beyond the standard tub of a vehicle. Traditionally, ladder racks have been a tubular construction, mostly seen in a chrome finish. Due to this construction, there was no option to have built-in channels which means any modification or adaptation required intensive modification. At HSP we wanted to challenge the status quo. The requirements of the ute user have changed and whether it be for commercial or recreation purposes, our customers need something that can host a wide variety of third-party accessories as well as compliment the aesthetics of their vehicle.

Enter the Load Rack

Designed for Today’s Worker and Adventurer. Gone are the days when ladder racks were limited to carrying timbers or ladders. Today, workers require racks that seamlessly transition from the construction site to the campsite. With Load Rack, not only can you efficiently transport your work materials, but come the weekend, you’re also equipped to mount rooftop tents, bike carries, recovery gear, or other outdoor adventure equipment from top manufacturers such as Rhino Rack, Yakima, Thule and more!

LDV T60 Load Rack (Suits Roll R Cover) Part Number LR-RC-S (5)

Weight Rating

Weight ratings are extremely important when comparing ladder racks and we are proud to say that the Load Rack is industry-leading. In fact, it can handle up to 150kg of dynamic weight when using the full kit.

(Please note that the weight rating given is specific to the Load Rack. It is upto the user to determine whether their vehicle can handle additional weight and if it requires additional bracing)

Mazda Bt50 TF Load Rack (Suits Roll R Cover) Part Number LR-RC-S (3)

Built-In Smart Channels:

In our quest for perfection, we’ve incorporated a channel on every facet of the Load Rack’s legs and top bar.  These channels can be used to add a wide variety of accessories such as kayak holders, ladder straps, recovery gear, and more! Additionally, they are a great way to mount beacon and LED lights and you can even use the channels to perfectly concealed wiring. The full kit comes with 6 legs,

Haval Cannon Load Rack (Suits Tub) Part Number LR-T-S (13)

Works with and Without Roll Top

Unlike traditional ladder racks bound to either a direct tub or roll-top installation, the HSP Load Rack has an option for both. Simply order the kit to suit your application and we will include the relevant specialized feet for a stress-free installation.

(Please note that if adapting the unit to a roll top, the Load Rack has only been tested for the HSP Roll R Cover Series 3 & above)

Ford PX Ranger & Raptor Load Rack (Suits Roll R Cover) Part Number LR-RC-S (4)

Full or Part Kits Available

The Load Bar kit, as a complete package, includes both a front and rear leg along with a joiner bar. Yet, we offer the flexibility for individuals to buy items separately. For example, if those who are keen on retaining their current sports bar, there’s an option to acquire just the single rear rack

Alloy Construction

The Load Rack is made from aluminum extruded to perfection. The design not only looks phenomenal on the vehicle but also achieves our goal of minimizing the risk of rust. Additionally, the design perfectly disperses weight, so it is possible to have both strength for carrying and a lightweight design that helps with your vehicle’s GVM

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