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HSP Silverback Toyota Hilux SR5 Hard lidHSP Silverback Toyota Hilux SR5 Hard lid

Yes, Yes, Yes and you guessed it YES

Can I get a good quality Australian made ute hard cover under  $1500 – Yes
Is it secure for my tools? Yes
Can I carry items on top? Yes
Does it look good? You guessed it, YES. The HSP Silverback Hard Lid gives you all that and more!

WHO we are and WHY we do it?

HSP 4X4 is an Australian manufacturer of 4×4 accessories focussing specifically on the tub of your vehicle (yes we know it’s rare, but we still manufacture in Australia). So if you would like to know more please click here

Okay now back to the Silverback Hard Lid

The HSP SilverBack Range is a brand-new line of hard lids from HSP. Designed for the user that wants a multipurpose cover offering outstanding security, visual aesthetics, load-carrying capability at a cost-effective price. 

No Visible Locks

You can’t break what you can’t see. That is why the HSP Silverback lid has no visible locks on the exterior of the hard cover. Not only does this look very sleek, but it also creates challenges for any unwanted intruders trying to break in.

Cross Bar Compatible

Do you have a bike, snowboard, work tools, ladders? Well, that is no problem, the Silverback hard lid is compatible with crossbars so you can carry both inside and on top of the Silverback Lid.


Tailgate Fully operational when Lid is closed

We don’t want to hold you back, so we made sure the Silverback does not either. Due to the specialised design of the Silverback Lid, the unit allows the tailgate to be fully operational even when the lid is in a closed position. This gives access to the tub without having to also open the hard lid.

Weather Protection

Unless you plan on having ducks in your tub, water is the last thing you need creeping in! That’s why the Silverback lid is guarded by an enclosed thick compression seal which gives fantastic protection against water. In addition to this, we have further enhanced its design which directs water to flow away from the lid.


Silverback Tailgate HSP

Pin Release System

Commitment issues are a thing of the past because Silverback tonneaus can be removed in 60 seconds using our advanced quick release struts and hinges. That’s why we say it is perfect for when you need to carry larger items. Don’t take our word for it, Check out the video below.





The most common question we get from customers is ‘is this ute hard cover made of steel?’. Our the answer being no, it is made from a honeycomb constructed fibreglass the Silverback is light in weight and super tough.

Another great feature of the HSP Silverback hard lid is that it comes standard in a Matte Black, which is the perfect accent colour to finish your vehicle.


The Silverback hard lids, have marine-grade carpet lining standard, giving fantastic insulation in the tub as well as providing a much more visually appealing finish.


Technical Specifications  (The Nerdy Stuff)

For more technical information on our Silverback hard lid please read below to read. You can also scroll to the bottom of this page to get in touch with one of our knowledgeable staff members

Manufacturing Quality Compliant to ISO9001
Material of lid

Fibre Reinforced Polymer 

Interior material  Marine Grade Carpet
Strut information

Size: 700mm 
Torque: 220NM
Quick release end caps

Weight Rating

50kg tested (Currently testing for 100kgs)

Paint Satin Black 
Locking Mechanism Internal Rotary latch double point

2 years on paint and structure


How do we compare?

The Silverback is truly in its own class, there is nothing similar available. Below we have a comparison chart to a soft tonneau cover as this is the closest competitor


Brand →

Feature ↓

Standard Genuine or Aftermarket Soft Cover
Australian Manufactured  Yes In some cases
Secure  Yes No
Cross Bar Compatible Yes No
 Ability to open tailgate without opening cover Yes In some cases

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Now that you have all the information you need, remember you have a ute! Go do something fun with it!