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The Smartbar is truly one of the best options for vehicle frontal protection.

As one of the only bull bars to be manufactured in Australia, Smartbar products provide significant advantages over many similar products on the market. Smartbar bull bars are made from a durable and tough polyethylene material which is lightweight, non-corrosive and has the ability to protect your vehicle from heavy impact.


Beautifully engineered, the Smartbar bulbar is light in weight and more suited to impacts, allowing a compression of 85% and reforming up to 95% of its original shape in minutes. This not only protects the vehicle should there be any impact, but also significantly reduces the risks to other parties involved. These bull bars are also sensor and winch compatible and comply with ADR guidelines. As the lightest form of front-end protection on the market, and available to suit a number of Ute, SUV, van and sedan models in Australia, Smartbar are proud designers of advanced partners for your vehicles. Where innovation meets purpose, get in touch with our 4×4 accessories experts for more information regarding the Smartbar Bull Bar and how it can enhance your vehicle.